About Virgin Brazilian Hair

About Virgin Brazilian Hair

    Brazilian hair is one of the most highly desired but, rare Virgin hairs available. It is very popular throughout South America, North America, Canada and Africa. The texture and quality range from Latin Remy Straight to Molado Curly. Hair types are rare and unique. Our hair is imported from Rio De Janero, Brazil collected throughout Brazil from Barbers and Salons. Clients sell their hair for extra cash and receive a free haircut. We supply Authentic Virgin Brazilian Hair. The colors range from beautiful vibrant blacks to sun kissed blonde tents shades.

    Buyer Beware Real Virgin Brazilian hair is not in great supply. Therefore the pricing of Virgin Brazilian hair is much higher than Virgin Indian Remy Hair. Real Brazilian Hair is expensive, if you’re paying 60 dollars a pack for Brazilian hair, then your hair probably is Chinese. Virgin hairs prices range from$300-$1,000 and up per 3.5 ounce pack. Like our Virgin Salvic Hair and Virgin Indian Hair, this hair will last for years with the proper care. Remember no two hairs are alike. This hair will not have a silicone layering, has not been colored unless stated, and has not been cold permed. We do not supply cold premed hair.


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