About Russian Salvic Hair

About Russian Salvic Hair – Coming SOON

    Our 100% Remy and Virgin Salvic hair never tangles and cuticles are never removed. Top quality Salvic hair guaranteed. This hair is very popular because it is strong silky and matches the texture and quality of Caucasians. We supply different Salvic Virgin Hair products, such as Keratin and Micro Rings extensions. Our hair never sheds, and has no silicone covering the cuticle shaft. The hair we import comes from Russia Turkey and Neighboring countries, so it is European Quality, smooth and silky. Our Keratin tips are very durable, and will never be affected from blow dryer or chemicals, like dye. Salvic Virgin Remy Hair is much stronger than Virgin Indian Remy hair. Due to the cold regions the hair comes from, the cuticles are much thicker and stronger.

    Buyer beware of Non Virgin Salvic Remy Hair Don’t be fooled by processed Chinese/Indian hair. Unlike Indian hair which is donated to temples, Russian hair is sold for extra money in Russia and neighboring countries. Russian hair is not cheap. If you pay somewhere around 60-100 bucks a pack for your hair, then it is probably Chinese. Order our Sample comparison kit, in which you will receive a sample of Russian hair, Indian and Chinese processed.


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